About us


Empowering startups to scale faster, creating a strong network of stakeholders and accelerating innovation for top corporates from around the world.


T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem that powers next-generation products and new business models. Since its incorporation in 2015, it has provided 1,100+ national and international startups access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporations, investors and government agencies.

Pillars Of Our Innovation Ecosystem

We are accelerating innovation through holistic partnerships and building a sustainable startup ecosystem.

Thought Leadership

Creating thought leadership and connecting entrepreneurs, students and citizens to businesses that are changing the world. Our thought leadership guides Telangana and other state and central government organisations.

Government Support

Building India’s largest facility for innovation and entrepreneurship, backed by the Government of Telangana. We accelerate startup initiatives and connect governments across the globe to the most innovative technology entrepreneurs, enabling government agencies to service citizens and partners more effectively.

Funding for Entrepreneurs

Helping entrepreneurs access funding through our vast network of investors. We enable investors to aim for high-yielding investment opportunities and accelerate deal flows, globally.

Landscape Enablement & Thoroughness

Breaking down silos to enable the essential elements of an innovation ecosystem to work with one another by removing all the friction points of collaboration. Thus, enabling the landscape to drive meaningful, measurable outcomes.

Critical Mass of Talent

Channelising employment and internship opportunities at innovative startups. We connect corporates and government bodies with rich and diverse talent pools.

Corporate Implementation

Creating a culture of innovation through the lens of our entrepreneurs. We help our corporate partners expand opportunities to develop new solutions, products and services, faster and cost effectively.

Regulatory Clarity

Charting clearly the regulations and regulatory framework laid out by the government so the intent of working with innovation ecosystem gets translated to action. Providing clarity on how various constituents of the innovation ecosystem can work together, along with the government.