Give shape to ideas

We make hardware prototyping faster, cheaper, simpler

Get access to consumable, prototyping equipment and a community of designers, engineers, artists, contract manufacturers, corporates all in one location. We will continue to add sections to T Works’ prototyping facility to cater to hobbyists, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Additive Prototyping

As additive manufacturing opens up huge possibilities in design and manufacturing, T Works together with our industry partners will provide the best equipment for rapid prototyping and end-use manufacturing of complex designs using various materials.

Electronics Workstation

Wheeled workbenches with solder station, test and measurement equipment and all you need to solder, repair, assemble boards.

Finish Shop

To build prototypes that closely resemble end products, T Works will be equipped with various finishing equipment for plating, coating, anodising and other surface treatment processes.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

For processing non-metal materials and marking processed metal parts, a range of CO2 laser cutters and fibre engraving equipment will be available at T Works.

PCB Fabrication

Professional PCB fabrication facility upto 2 layers including SMD stencils with 24 hour turnaround time.


A section dedicated to making things with the most basic building materials – mud and clay. The pottery section will have manual wheels, electric wheels, a kiln and necessary consumables.


Provision of environmental chambers to test the effects of temperature and humidity. Salt spray chambers for testing corrosion resistance. Portable shock testing data loggers to simulate real life usage.

Metal Shop

The metal shop will have a variety of light and heavy duty equipment ranging from 1kW fibre laser cutter capable of cutting through one inch steel, CNC press brake for bending and a 40-ton power press to form sheet metal. Machines will also be available for milling, turning, grinding and drilling.

Weld Shop

The weld shop will be equipped with a host of welding equipment such as Arc welding, MIG, TIG and gas welders to cater to all kinds of metal-joining operations.


This shop at T Works will be equipped with machines to reduce woodworking time with the benefit of better quality while allowing for complex deigns. Machines include a large CNC router, saws, lathes, planers, and sanders along with a host of standard power tools.